Charles Parish Lindsay

Charles Parish Lindsay

Charles Parrish Lindsay was the eighth and youngest child of Ephraim Myres Lindsay and Jane Parish. He was born February 3, 1866 in Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah. He assisted his father in the operation of a shingle mill in the mouth of Box Elder Canyon as a boy. Then a teenager, he moved to Bennington, Idaho with the family about 1879.

Charles and, his brother David put up a saw mill east of the present town of Bennington, which they operated between two and three years. Then they moved it to Montpelier Home Canyon where they operated it for a time. Their cousin Warren was also a partner in the sawmill operation.

Charles was very active in the church and loved to participate in any capacity to which he was called. He attended the meetings regularly and was considered to be a good Latter-day Saint.

One of his accomplishments was being a good penman, He could use either hand, and. you could not tell which hand he used by his work.

He worked for several years for the Union Pacific Railroad firing a stationary engine at the shop at the yards in Montpelier, Idaho,

He died at 15 minutes to eight in the morning of July 26, 1894 at the age of 28 from typhoid fever. He died at his home in Bennington and is buried in the Bennington cemetery.