Identity of Ruth Foster

Identity of Ruth Foster

The vital records of Dracut record the intention of marriage of Thomas Lindsay to Ruth Foster (Mass D23, pg 208). This Ruth Foster has been incorrectly identified in pedigree line and family records.

Thomas Lindsay's wife, Ruth Foster, was thought at first to be the one born 26 January, 1733 - 1734, at Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts (some records say Boxford, Essex, Massachusetts). The first indication that the writer had that this Ruth Foster was not the one that married Thomas Lindsay was in a letter from Winnefred Lovring Holman, dated 19 April, 1957, in which she reported results of research on the Lindsay lines to the Genealogical Society.

She stated that the Ruth Foster who was born 26 January, 1733 - 1734, in Haverhill, daughter of Abiel Foster and Ruth Clement, married Nathan Baker in 1751 in Haverhill and had issue there (see Holman's Clement Genealogy, pg 155, 156; this Ruth Foster is a relative of Mrs. Holman). Subsequent research by Naomi M. Harker of the Genealogical Association was reported in a letter 16 November, 1959, to Rex "B" Lindsay, 340 North, 4th East (now 723 East 1st North), Bountiful, Utah. The letter states:

"Noting the age at death of Ruth, wife of Thomas Lindsay which you gave to us, her birth should be about August, 1731. We took a map and began checking the vital records of towns in Essex and Middlesex counties widening out from Dracut. When we came to Middleton, Essex, Massachusetts, we found the following entry:

'Ruth, daughter of John and Catherine Foster, christened 27 September, 1731.'

"This would be about right for our connection. It was the only Foster entry in the births. The parents were married 14 December, 1731, in Middleton, John Foster to Catherine Ragin, but the daughter Ruth was not married there, nor did the parents die there."

The age at death referred to above was obtained from the minister's notes recorded at the end of the film of the Town Proceedings of Peacham, Calidonia, Vermont, (F Vt 6 pt 161), previously referred to. It appears also that Ruth Foster had a sister, Catherine Foster, who also married in Dracut (to Ambrose Emery).

The evidence is thus fairly strong that the correct identity and parentage of the Ruth Foster that married Thomas Lindsay is that Ruth, born August, 1731, christened 27 September, 1731, at Middleton, Essex, Massachusetts, daughter of John Foster and Catherine Ragin, and who dies in Peacham, 21 October, 1825, age 94 years, 2 months. The records place Ruth's mother, Catherine, in Dracut as well as a sister.