Our Testimony

We wish to bear our testimony to you of the holy and sacred contents of this book. We have read it and prayed to Heavenly Father, a loving and omniscient God, who has answered our prayers with the firm conviction of its truthfulness.

It begins with a family, father Lehi, his wife Sarah and their four sons, Laman, Lemual, Nephi and Sam. They have many of the problems that most families have.

The Book of Mormon is really a "handbook of life" and contains the answers for any problem that families or individuals face.

It is the most important testimony of Jesus Christ on the Earth today. Over half of the verses in the book refer to the Lamb of God.

We ask you to give thoughtful and prayerful consideration to the book and beseech you to treat with love and respect the missionaries who bring it to you. We pray that God will bless you with all the righteous desires of your heart.


Lydia and David Wardell
Vienna, Virginia 1999

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The Book of Mormon--Another Testament of Jesus Christ is a companion volume of scripture to the Holy Bible and contains the account of the Savior's appearance in ancient America following his resurrection.  You may receive a free copy my clicking on the image above.