Wardell Family History

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  • Don't miss the Testimony of Jane Parish Lindsay, who describes the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the assumption of the prophet's mantle by Brigham Young.

  • Read Julia Park's fascinating notes of her early life in Nauvoo, Illinois.

  • Discover why the Lindsay family left Idaho.

  • Read Minnie Lindsay Sorenson's account of the hardships of Bear Lake Valley, where the Lindsay family had settled.

  • Who was the "Walking Dictionary?"

  • Be sure to read the remarkable story of the death of David Ephraim Lindsay.

  • Read the story of William Buckminster Lindsay, Jr.'s service as a bodyguard to Brigham Young.

  • You'll appreciate the original poem composed in memorial at the time of William Buckminster Lindsay, Jr.'s death by his son Marion David Lindsay.  It speaks of the tender love of a family for their departed father.

  • Read the inspirational poem, "The Nurse," written to honor Rachel Virginia Lindsay--"The Nurse Who Never Turned Anyone Down."

  • Learn about James Harvey Lindsay's meeting with "Buffalo Bill"


Family History


Brief History of the Lindsay Family in the United States
History of William Buckminster Lindsay, Sr - His Ancestery and His Descendants

Ancestry and Genealogical Summary

Scotch-Irish Immigration
Massachusetts Period 1734 - 1780
New Hampshire Period 1781 - 1791

Family Stories

Minnie Lindsay Sorenson's description of the hardships of Bear Lake Valley, Wyoming

Ruth Foster
Alexander Lindsay
Charles Parish Lindsay
David Ephraim Lindsay
Ephraim Myers Lindsay
James Harvey Lindsay
Jane Parish Lindsay

Testimony of Jane Parish Lindsay

Rachel Virginia Lindsay
William Buckminster Lindsay, Jr.
William Buckminster Lindsay, Sr.
William Joel Lindsay
Sections from the Journal of Julia Park (first wife of William Buckminster Lindsay, Jr.)


Florence Lindsay Wardell
Life Sketch of Soloman and Sarah Wardell